Health and Hygiene

Ill boys were treated in the School, but more serious cases were transported to hospitals in Arclid or Manchester either by locals or the Foden Ambulance.

On 11th July 1890 it was reported that one John Street, out on licence working for William Pedley, was scalded and died. His wages due from Pedley were used to pay for his funeral and to cover his debts.

Initially the School’s water supply came from a pump but subsequently a storage tank was provided. A metered supply was connected to the School in 1913.

The School had a large bath, urinals and earth closets. A sewage treatment system was added after complaints that the water course near Moorsbarrow Hall was being polluted.

A visiting Home Office Inspector was not happy when he found that the sheets were only being changed once every three weeks, that the boys had no nightshirts and were sleeping in the shirts that they had been wearing all day on the farm. It was suggested that the sheets should be changed once a fortnight, or, one sheet per week, and that night shirts be purchased.


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