Report of HM Acting Chief Inspector of Reformatory Schools, J C Pearson, 1912

A report of a visit to Bradwall Training School on 18th February 1912 stated that the total number of boys was 70, with seventeen boys on license, and 53 boys received skilled instruction mainly on the land.

1912 Inspectors Report

Of the 26 boys discharged during the year 21 went to occupations on neighbouring farms, while five went back to their friends.

Staff included:

  • Mr and Mrs Edward Shaw – Superintendant and Matron
  • Mr A W Shaw – Head Schoolmaster
  • Mr B Temple – Assistant Schoolmaster
  • Doctor Riddell – Medical Officer
  • Mr Shields – Dentist
  • Rev. T Lunt – Chaplin

There had been extensive improvements and extensions including new casement windows and fire escapes in the dormitories; a new floor, ceiling, cooking range and hot water system in the kitchen; a new spray bath and hot water laid on the lavatory; new floor, wash troughs and furnaces in the wash house; new floor in the laundry. All the new floors were tiled.

By this time the 25 acre farm was spade tilled and a speciality was made of fruit growing.

There was a small tailor shop where the boys farming clothes were made.


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