At some point there had been a complaint that all supplies were coming from local tradesmen. Subsequently all supplies were put out to tender. These tenders give an interesting insight into life at Bradwall Reformatory School.

A response to tender of 1896 for musical instruments from Besson & Co of London dated 1896 included a quote for three different classes of cornets, euphoniums, and slide trombones.

1896 Musical Instrument Estimate

In 1911, tenders were invited for the supply of butchers meat (beef, beef suet and mutton), ten pound loaves, flour, Scotch oatmeal, groceries (tea, coffee, cocoa, sugar, treacle, currants and raisins, chicory, rice, peas, salt, pepper, and mustard), and black lead, candles, carbolic soap, blacking, chloride of lime and soda.

1912 Invitation to Tender for Supplies

A separate tender was issued for clothing and draperies including sheetings, towelling, calico, jean, tailor’s thread, shirts, caps, scarves, socks, boots, laces and cotton chord. Another tender was for cattle food including meal, bran, sharps, Indian meal, cotton cake, and linseed cake. A tender for sundries included paraffin oil, lamp chimneys, bass brooms, sweeping brooms and coal.


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