Main photograph of Bradwall Reformatory School as it looks today courtesy of Neil Slinger.

Images of Bradwall Reformatory School (click on the links to launch):

Plan of Proposed Alterations

1865 Copy of the Bradwall Certificate

1884 Garden Party, Bradwall Hall –

1888 Map

1900-1912 OS Map

The above is an OS map of 1910

1912 Inspectors Report

1912 Invitation to Tender for Supplies

Boys and Staff of Bradwall Reformatory School c. 1913 to 1920, on a Christmas postcard that was presumably sent to family of the inmates.


4 thoughts on “Images

  1. Very interesting web site, love the pictures and related onfo. I have a special interest as one of my ancestors, Ann Moss is described on the 1891 census as a Nurse Sick, living at 55 Cottage Hospital. I assume this was part of or used by the Reformatory School, details on the same census page. Is this right?

    • Hi Susan and thanks for taking the time to look at our site and for commenting. I do not know for sure but I assume that the Cottage Hospital was part of Whitening House, which I understand was constructed as the Infirmary for the Reformatory School. The 1891 census shows a separate entry for Whitening Farm (which is still farmed today – as Whitening House Farm down Becks Lane) and then for the Cottage Hospital – I assume that this is the Whitening House of today. You can still see how a drive once linked Whiteneing House to the Reformatory School by the line of trees in the field.

      If you have any more information regarding your ancestor, Ann Moss then I would happily publish it.

  2. This is an excellent resource. I live within ten miles of the ‘school’ and had never heard of it. I found your web-site while investigating a ‘lost’ ancestor, missing from home and family in 1911. He is listed as one of the lads there, aged 18 years (almost certainly the correct individual). Are there admission and discharge registers still in existence (Co. Record Office perhaps) ? I would be interested to discover more about how this person came to be at Bradwall.

    • Hi Colin sorry for very tardy reply – we do the blog in our spare time and haven’t been attentive to it for a while. Most of the info here came from several visits to Chester Records Office when we first moved here in 1999 – there is a dedicated file on Bradwall Reformatory there ref D/4304, online searches, contributions from the public,plus an old locally published leaflet (available at Sandbach library). There were no admission or discharge records unfortunately. We hope you continue to enjoy the website and good luck in your searches.

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