1855 Bradwall Certificate dated 27th December 1855 (copy of 19th April 1865).

1865 Copy of the Bradwall Certificate

Proposed plan for the extension of Bradwall Reformatory School by John Baslow (presumed to be related to the £600 grant prior to 1860).

Plan of Proposed Alterations

1860 The History Gazetteer and Directory of Cheshire by Francis White & Co.

Report of the Bradwall Reformatory School 1860 by George William Latham.

1861 Report to the House of Commons

1871 Rules and Regulations by Sydney Turner.

1896 quote for musical instruments from Besson & Co of London.

1896 Musical Instrument Estimate

1911 tender request for butchers meat, clothing and draperies, cattle food, and sundries.

1912 Invitation to Tender for Supplies

1912 Report of HM Acting Chief Inspector of Reformatory Schools, J C Pearson, 1912

1912 Inspectors Report

1913 letter by Robert Bygott, solicitor and Secretary to the manager of Bradwall Training School, reporting an instruction by the Home Office that all tenders for school supplies should be advertised in local and Manchester papers.

Leaflet by C and M Mclean, printed by Impressions of Sandbach – largely based on records kept by Robert Bygott, solicitor and secretary to the managers of Bradwall Training School (1913).

Cheshire Records Office search 26th April 2000: School Rules 1871, Certified Copy Certificate, Specifications, Tenders and Plan of School 1911, Certified School Gazettes – volume 11 number 12 of 1919, and volume 13 number 11 of 1921.

Letter from Gareth Griffiths dated Sep 2005, referencing his research and including: Ordinance Survey map of Cheshire 1912, 1891 1nd 1901 Census, the Auction Cover of 1888 and White’s Gazetteer pages.